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Arizona has more than 1,100 National Board Certified Teachers. By working together we can create improved teaching and learning environments for all.

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What is the Arizona NBCT Network?

You pushed yourself personally and professionally to achieve National Board Certification. Now, you have the opportunity to discover your own path to leadership. Leadership matters. Whether it be in your school, district, or state… Arizona needs you.

Our collective capital is only as strong as our network of voices. We need your leadership skills; you have unique talents to offer and the state of Arizona needs you as part of the dialogue. Together we are louder and stronger.

Reasons to Join

Connect with the State’s Best Teacher Leaders

Teaching can be a very isolated profession and yet we know excellence can be found throughout Arizona’s schools. As a member of the Network you will have the opportunity to connect and collaborate with Board-certified teachers across the state.

Advocate for Accomplished Teaching and Learning

As a member of the Arizona NBCT Network you are in the unique position to advocate for Board-certification and demonstrate its impact on a school and student learning. As a Board-certified teacher you can show others that the pursuit of National Board Certification is not for the elite few but for all teachers.

Access to High-quality Professional Development

Teachers are lifelong learners and as a member of the Network you will have the opportunity to learn alongside other NBCTs in professional learning opportunities designed especially for you. More importantly, you will have a voice in shaping that learning. The Arizona NBCT Network hosts an annual convening designed specifically for Arizona’s NBCTs.

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Support to Take Leadership Roles in the Educational Community

You want to take on leadership roles in your school, district, and community but you are not quite sure how to navigate that path. Learn and connect with others who have made that same journey. Hear their stories and collaborate with like-minded people to create a roadmap towards meaningful leadership roles to make a difference for kids.

How to Apply

1.  All regular members must hold a valid National Board certificate. 

2.  Complete online application. 

3.  Make a commitment to participate in the Network and advance the pursuit of National Board Certification in the state of Arizona.

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