National Board Candidate Support Provider Information Meeting

National Board Certified Teachers across the United States report that going through the process was the best professional development they have ever experienced. As a result, many pay it forward and support other candidates pursuing Board certification in their context and community. During the three day training, participants will engage in high-quality, professional conversations and hands-on learning experiences designed to support those interested in supporting candidates through the certification process.

This training is meant for those looking to provide quality and ethical support for National Board Certification candidates. It is a prerequisite for those looking to obtain consideration for funding assistance with Cognitive Coaching, as qualified Candidate Support Providers in Arizona.

Participants can expect to know and be able to do the following:

  • Learn skills and strategies designed to support candidates through the process
  • Learn ways to promote collaboration while emphasizing individual responsibility and accountability
  • Understand the resources available and the policies and guidelines required by the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards (NBPTS) for ethical candidate support
  • Learn strategies for challenging conversations and managing stress
  • Learn ways to support candidates with complying with the policies, guidelines, and assessment practices set forth by NBPTS
  • Identify and analyze evidence in a video
  • Set goal and analyze student work samples